Bank Account Details

S.N.Name of BankAccount TitleCurrent Account No:Remarks
1Sanima Bank Limited, Teku BranchNRNA024010010000526For NRNA Membership Fee
2Sanima Bank Limited, Teku BranchNRNA Youth Welfare Fund024010010000469For NRNA Youth Forum
3Sanima Bank Limited, Teku BranchNRNA Blood TS Fund024010010000471For NRNA Blood Transfusion System
4Sanima Bank Limited, Teku BranchNRNA Agriculture Promotion Fund024010010000482For NRNA Agriculture Promotion Fund
5Sanima Bank Limited, Teku BranchNRNA Foreign Currency Account024210010000007For Foreign Currency
6Sanima Bank Limited, Teku BranchNRNA Secretariat024010010000266For NRNA Secretariat
7Sanima Bank Limited, Teku BranchNRNA Emergency Fund024010510000034For Emergency Crisis (Flood, Covid)
8Sanima Bank Limited, Teku BranchNRNA Endowment Fund024010510000043For NRNA Endowment
9Sanima Bank Limited, Teku BranchNRNA Women Welfare Fund024010010000468For NRNA Women Forum
10Bank of KathmanduNRNA Charity Fund12500000402524For Charity Works (Shankhamul, KTM Toilet,Other charity works)
11Machhapuchhre BankNRNA Foreign Employment Relief Fund2101524332604042For Foreign Employment Relief
12Machhapuchhre BankNRNA BUILDING FUND-20152101524333485039For NRNA Building
13Prabhu BankNRNA Relief fund0320069783200088For NRNA Laprak Model Settlement
14NIC Asia Bank Ltd.NRNA0341050553252401For NRNA Sports Academy
16Siddhartha Bank Ltd.NRNA Foreign Employment Relief Fund115294457For Foreign Employment Relief
17Investment Bank Ltd.NRNA02101030011866For NRNA Membership Fee