Thailand Based Nepali Experts to Help Nepal

Published On: Source: NRNA THAILAND

Thailand based Nepali professionals, academicians and business community have decided to render their expertise to motherland voluntarily in a united and organized manner. Nepali professionals reached to this conclusion amidst an interaction program cum brainstorming session on the topic, “Needs, Opportunities and Skill Transfers in Nepal” organized on 25th February 2017 at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Pathumthani, Thailand. High-level Nepali professionals, from Bangkok based UN and other organizations, senior academicians and senior staffs from AIT and executive committee/representatives of Non-resident Nepali (NRN), Thailand were present in the program. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Beni Madhab Lekhak and moderated by Dr. Anil Kumar Anal.


At the start of the meeting, Mr. Lekhak briefed about the objectives and emphasized to find the ways to start some activities in Nepal together by the experts and business people living in Thailand. The participants were informed briefly about the symposium recently organized in Kathmandu by AIT in collaboration with AIT Alumni Association (AITAA), Nepal chapter and attended by senior level officials from Government of Nepal, the donors and private sectors on 10 February 2017. During the interaction program, various experts presented their views on needs, challenges and potential solutions in Nepal. Rajendra Prasad Shrestha, presented his views on ‘preservance and utilization of natural resources’, Shobhakar Dhakal on ‘energy security and potential of renewal energy’, Anil Kumar Anal on ‘agri-food value chain development’, Khagendra Dhakal on ‘modernization and holistic approach-based education’, Bishwo Tiwari on ‘sustainable development goals and Nepal; Gyanendra Sthapit on ‘low-cost housing construction and infrastructure development; Madan Regmi on “urbanization and infrastructure development; and Lochan Devekota on ‘potential of hydropower’ .. Following rendered the views by experts; the other participants also provided their views and constructive suggestions. The participants expressed their commitments to go beyond their individual and familial concerns and render their expertise in economic growth and development of Nepal.

The interaction has prioritized to work in four themes such as management of remittance, development of renewable energy,; value added products from agro-industry and herbs; and construction sectors. During the meeting, some of the ideas were floated as example and agreed to explore further to work closely with experts and business people based in Thailand.


The interaction led to the formation of nine members working committee to review skill and knowledge transfer issues and devise the future course of actions for the same. The gathering unanimously selected Prof. Rajendra Prasad Shrestha, Dean, School of Environment, Resources and Development (SERD), AIT as the Chair of the committee. The committee has been constituted as follows:

  1. Rajendra Prasad Shrestha; Asian Institute of Technology (Chair)
  2. Bishwa Nath Tiwari; United Nations Development Program, Regional Office, Bangkok
  3. Beni Madhab Lekhak; Ch Karnchang Company Limited
  4. Gyanendra Sthapit; Asian Institute of Technology
  5. Anil Kumar Anal; Asian Institute of Technology
  6. Shobhakar Dhakal; Asian Institute of Technology
  7. Madan Bandhu Regmi; UNESCAP, Regional Office, Bangkok
  8. Khagendra Raj Dhakal; King Mongkut’s University of Technology
  9. Gabo Gurung; NRNA Thailand Rep.


The newly formed committee has vowed to form the sectorial groups of relevant experts and chart out the action plans in due period of time.  As NRNA Thailand President, Mr. Khagendra Dhakal expressed his commitment as liaison between NRNA, Thailand and the SKI working team, Thailand to implement the program. The newly formed committee will meet in early April to discuss the action plans for way forward.

Report Written by:
Ravi Maharjan, General Secretary, NRNA Thailand
Edited by: Dr. Anil Kumar Anal, Executive Member, SKI Team