New Membership and Renewal Notice

Published On: Wednesday, March 15, 2017 | Source: NRNA THAILAND

Dear Valued Members,

Your membership of NRNA Thailand issued prior to March 15 will be automatically expired by June 2017. So we would like to request all the members to contact the closest Regional Coordination Committee (RCC). Please contact Central Regional Coordination Committee (CRCC) for Bangkok and around; Southern Regional Coordination Committee (SRCC) for Phuket and around. For the members under Northern Regional Coordination Committee (NRCC) from Chiangmai and around, please contact directly to General Secretary of NRNA Thailand for the new membership or renewal. The fee for the renewal and new membership will remain the same 1100 Thai Baht. This year USD 15  from your membership feel will be sent to Nepal to contribute to build NRNA Head Quarters that is under construction at the moment.

NCC’s meeting held on March 12 has decided the Deadline to renew/new membership as 15th JUNE 2017 for the purpose of National General Assembly (NGA) 2017. As the meeting decided, NGA will be held by the end of August and the exact date will be fixed consulting with ICC . RCCs’ AGM should be held one month prior to the National General Assembly of NCC, therefore by the end of July. We urge the RCCs to fix the dates of AGM and start the renewal and new membership drive effectively. RCCs and NCC of NRNA Thailand are at your service from today on to make this process easy for all. We will be updating about our NGA calendar from our website and FB page regularly. Let’s renew/ be member; let’s make NRNA bigger, better and communal for all Nepalis and people of Nepali origin.

Ravi Maharjan
General Secretary,
Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) Thailand