NRNA Thailand 4rd Phase Relief Progress Report

Published On: Sunday, June 21, 2020 | Source: NRNA THAILAND
NRNA Thailand has completed 4th phase of COVID-19 relief aid program by arranging transportation for all stranded students in the island of Phuket, Koh Phangang, Koh Chang and other parts of in southern Thailand and Pattaya to Bangkok. On the day students left Phuket for Bangkok, NRNA Thailand Southern Regional Coordination Committee (SRCC) arranged farewell event in a temple by cleaning the temple.  Mrs. Pranee Sakulpipatana, Honorary Consul from Nepalese Honorary Consulate in Phuket within the temple gave a farewell speech to the students. SRCC, led by Prem Datta Danai (Vice President), Suraj Bhandari (SRCC coordinator) Madan Raj Adhikari (SRCC sub-coordinator), Manoj Kumar Rana (Former NRNA Thailand President) and Subindra Kumar Rai (Former NRNA Vice President) also given lunch to all students before leaving to bus station and SRCC colleagues went to drop students to bus station.

In Bangkok NRNA Thailand Covid-19 Relief Task Force also helped students for the PCR test and taking some students to hospital for PCR test. The Task Force also visited students located in all parts of Bangkok one day before leaving to Nepal. NRNA Thailand also provided two meals to 80 students who came to Bangkok from many part of Thailand for 3 days.   Rental fee was also given to some human trafficking victims till the day of flight to Kathmandu on 17 June. NRNA Thailand has been helping stranded students providing food and some rental fee from the month of April to the day they all fly back on 17 June.
On 17 June NRNA Thailand team Assajita Awale (President), Bhabindra Basnet (Vice President), Mahendra Shrestha (Vice President), Kancha Gurung (Vice President), Atish Shrestha (Treasure) and Shree Hari Acharya (Secretary) went to Suvarnabhumi Airport to see  farewell all  returning students and others whom NRNA Thailand helping from the beginning of spreading of Covid-19.
HE. Ganesh Prasad Dhakal, ambassador of Nepal to Kingdom of Thailand and other officers from the embassy also came to farewell to all Nepali. Mr. Hom Prasad Parajuli, country manager of Nepal Airlines to Thailand, kindly helped all Nepali specially students who mostly have over weight.

On the day of flight NRNA Thailand had also supported Nepal embassy 16,000 baht of 26,000 baht to pay penalty of overstay of 3 victims of human trafficking because without payment of penalty they will be detained by immigration and may be could not return back to Nepal soon. On the same day Mr. Dilli Raj Gyawali, Coordinator of Central Regional Coordination Committee (CRCC) and Mr. Varun Amatya, NRNA Thailand spoke person, went to airport in Kathmandu to welcome all Nepali. With all these activities NRNA Thailand is in the final stage of supporting stranded Nepali with relief aid and NRNA Thailand would like to thank all who supported to this relief aid in cash and kinds.