NRNA Thailand 1st Phase Relief Progress Report !!!

Published On: Saturday, May 2, 2020 | Source: NRNA THAILAND
NRNA Thailand has provided COVID-19 relief packages to 110 stranded Nepali students in Thailand. The relief package directly benefits students stranded in the different locations in Bangkok and Phuket. The beneficiaries students were of two categories first came to Thailand for internship and another group came for a Hotel Management Degree. Relief was distributed to Bangkok based students on 27 and 28th April 2020 where Phuket student's relief package was coordinated by SRCC, leaded by NCC Vice President and Task force member Prem Datta Danai and SRCC Sub Coordinator Madan Raj Adhikari in cooperation with Mrs. Pranee Sakulpipatana, Honorary Consul from Nepalese Honorary Consulate in Phuket, Thailand on 25th April. The relief package was were purchased using the NRNA Thailand COVID-19 Fund created by the internal fund raising within NRNA Thailand committees including SRCC.
After stranded students drew the attention of NRNA Thailand, COVID-19 Response Task Force had called an urgent meeting on 26th April. NRNA NCC Thailand has formed a task force composed of President Assajita Awale, VP Bhabindra Basnet, VP Prem Datta Danai , GS Ravin Maharjan. The Task force had invited ICC Member Khagendra Dhakal to provide advice on the plan of actions for the relief strategies. As a result the meeting had prepared following urgent action plans:
1. Review assessment forms from the help requesting people
2. Situation analysis visiting the sites of needy populations
3. Cost estimation for the identified needy people
4. Internal fund raise among NRNA Thailand committees
5. Prepare the package of the relief for each individual/household
6. Purchasing of relief packages
7. Distribution of relief packages on site
The NRNA Thailand Relief Package consisted of all required food items, daily use materials enough for two meals to cover a minimum 15 days for each individual. In addition, distressed girl students were coordinated with NRNA Thailand Women Coordinator to identify their needs and possible counselling.
Relief Distribution Location, Date and Team
On April 24 to students (Phuket)
1. Mrs. Pranee Sakulpipatana, Honorary Consul
2. Prem Datta Danai (NCC Vice President)
3. Madan Raj Adhikari (SRCC Sub Coordinator)
On April 27 to students (Sai Mai, Bangkok)
1. Assajita Awale (President)
2. Bhabindra Basnet (Vice President)
3. Ravin Maharjan (General Secretary)
On April 28 to students (Huaykwang, Bangkok)
1. Khagendra Raj Dhakal (ICC Member)
2. Assajita Awale (President)
3.Bhabindra Basnet (Vice President)
4.Ravin Maharjan (General Secretary)
On April 30 to trafficking victim (Pratunam, Bangkok)
1. Assajita Awale (President)
2.Bhabindra Basnet (Vice President)
3.Ravin Maharjan (General Secretary)
Immediate Future Actions:
A group of 4 students have approached NRNA Thailand and the assessment process is underway. A Nepali student from an university in Bangkok has requested for relief. Report Nepal embassy on the progress of first phase of NRNA Thailand Relief program. Report NRNA ICC the progress of 1st phase of NRNA Thailand's relief program and request for future financial support
Long Term solution Recommendations:
Request Embassy, Government of Nepal for one urgent rescue flight. Some stranded people are willing to share minimum cost and others need support from the government.
Find solutions to support to continue relief for the possible extended flights restrictions and lockdown
Students also need support for accommodation (rental fee as well) which was not covered by NRNA Thailand first phase relief package.