NRNA Thailand met Thai ambassador

Published On: Thursday, October 3, 2019 | Source: NRNA THAILAND
NRNA Thailand team led by President Assajita Awale along with its CRCC Coordinator Dilli Gyawali and former Spokesperson Ganesh Prasad Khanal has paid a courtesy call to Thai Ambassador to Nepal in his office in Kathmandu on 1 October 2019. The team has shared and discussed mutual interests and agendas both countries may benefit and be aware of some issues both peoples feel to be alert.
President Awale informed His Excellency Ambassador Mr. Bhakavat Tanskul about public concerns such as visa, tourism promotion, human smuggling and other issues directly related to public. During the meeting Thai ambassador mentioned that Thai government has contributed huge financial support to construct Mahadev Mandir in Tripureswor  the heart of Kathmandu that was destroyed by earthquake in 2015. He assured for further Thai cooperation in Nepali development work, tourism promotion and  making thorough investigation in cases of individuals engaged in illegal activities and taking action against illicit work  like human smuggling. In the meantime, he expressed his surprise on Nepali authority's reluctance in investigating such public issues where a Nepali cheats its own people. President  Awale also requested for easier visa process for Nepali tourists travelling to Thailand because they  are increasing in  significant  number and spend huge amount in shopping. 

 The Thai ambassador along with embassy's diplomats expressed delight to have had meeting with NRNA Thailand team. President Awale thanked him for his cordial meeting and time.