Women Forum Thailand Marks Teej in Bangkok

Published On: Monday, August 26, 2019 | Source: NRNA THAILAND
Women Forum of NRNA Thailand marked Teej Program in Bangkok last Saturday amidst a cultural dance party at Rembrandt Hotel Bangkok.  According to Women Forum Coordinator Megha Chand, Nepali women residing in Bangkok and women from People of Nepali Origin (PNO) community had participated to the event. Wife of Nepali Ambassador to Kingdom of Thailand, Anima Acharya extended her best wishes to the participants speaking at the event. The other participants had exchanged the best wishes of Teej, took part in the cultural dances and joined the feast during the event.
Nepali women in Bangkok are basically working in different international organizations, universities, schools and local businesses whereas large number of 3rd generation PNOs are scattered all over Thailand.
The participants expressed their feelings that Teej is important for them from both cultural and social perspectives. From the cultural perspective Teej is dedicated to the union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati whereas social reason is to empower them and raise their voice for equality.
The Teej program was witnessed by local TV Thai PBS team and Thai friends of Nepal as well. According to Thai PBS team, the NRNA Teej event will be featured in a Thai documentary which is under production at the moment.