Meeting held in Bangkok with Ex-minister

Published On: Sunday, August 19, 2018 | Source: NRNA THAILAND

August 19, 2018- Non-Residential Nepalese Association (NRNA) Thailand team and representatives from Nepal parliament; Bhagwati Chaudhary (Ex. State Minister, Forest & Soil Conservation of Nepal Government) and Niru Pal, member of Parliament, had a brief discussion on the situations of Nepal, ongoing status of Nepalese who were displaced during the World War II, and continuing support from NRNA.

The program started with the brief introduction and formal greetings where there was an open discussion about different issues and challenges faced in Nepal. NRNA Thailand President Mr Assajita Awale highlighted two crucial issues faced by Thai tourist- a need for an interlink between International and domestic airport and a direct flight connection from Thailand to Lumbini directly; which is the most likely destination for Thai Buddhist. NRNA Thailand, General Secretary, Ravi Maharjan also notified the parliamentarian about the ongoing support given by NRNA Thailand for students in Nepal. NRNA ICC member Khagendra Dhakal elaborated the extensive support NRNA has done in Nepal. There were more than 30 participants present from different forums.

The program was hosted by NRNA Thailand and organized by NRNA Thailand Women forum.