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Fans of Nepal (FON)

Fans of Nepal (FON) is one of the projects of Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) Thailand.

Goal: The goal of this FON is to provide a forum  for non- Nepalis like Thai and other expatriates in Thailand to share their views and plan to build a prosperous Nepal.

Objective: To bring the  people who support and love nepal in different ways together with the Nepalis in Thailand so they can help provide support and continuity to their initiatives.

Benefits: This will benefit NRNA Thailand by expanding its scope; provide networking opportunities with Thai and other nationals in Thailand.There’re lots of Thais doing good things for Nepal – like in Lumbini. There’re writers, TV producers, journalists, businessmen who have written books on Nepal, produced TV programmes on Nepal, have joint venture business with Nepal. This is also true to non-Thai expatriates living in Thailand.

This forum will  provide with the opportunities for Nepali businesses and professionals here to interact with their Thai and other expatriate counterparts in Thailand and also in/from Nepal.


Regular lunch/dinner talk with a presenter each time on varieties of topics related to Nepal

Venue: Himalaya and other apt places in Thailand


Anybody can be a member by paying 1000 baht annual membership fee.

Special honorary memberships will be given by invitation only to Thai/ other expatriates who are doing exemplary work in Nepal and whose membership will enhance the profile of  FON .

Operating body:

The coordination committee will be mainly an Activity Committee which will function under the NRNA Thailand Secretariat’s supervision.  The committee comprised of the following:

Coordination committee

Coordinator: Ramesh Shrestha
Co-Coordinator: Steve Van Beek
Member: Assajita Awale
Member: Megha Chand
Member: HK Bijay Awale
Member: Kimberly Timalsina
Member: Ravin Maharjan
Member: Preechaya Singh
Member: Narrongrit Mongkolpak
Member Secretary: Kedar Prasad Timalsina

Advisory Board

Ramesh Hamal
Madan B. Regmi
Bijaya Acharya
Khagendra Raj Dhakal
Kumar Karki